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Come try our horror VR experiences and see how VR can help your haunt.

Booth 2001

A Horror Revolution

You know what's scarier than going through a haunt with a group of friends? Going through it totally alone.

Haunted VR is taking scary to frightening new depths by combining classic scares with cutting edge technology. If you're looking for a hot new attraction for your haunt, you need to be looking through this page.

When it comes to being scared in virtual reality, there are only two types of customers, those who can't wait to finish the experience or those who are scared that the experience may finish them.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Built For Horror

We have partnered with industry leading game developers to bring you world class horror VR. All our systems come with a license to horror experiences from Fallen Planet Studios who have created the top rated VR Horror experiences across multiple platforms.

From terrifying walk throughs to zombie shooters, we have a variety of games to offer your visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Pick your games and experiences and know that you are offering your customers biggest frights that VR has to offer.

If you are really wanting to set yourself apart, ask us about our custom development options.

A Word From The Victims

You Have Options

Haunted VR

We provide you with a turnkey solution including all the equipment you need to run your VR setup. All you need is to create a space with a few walls and get employees trained.

You pick your games and number of head- sets, and we provide support to help you get online and running.

Haunted VR

& Setup

VR can be complicated and we are here to help. Our techs have worked with companies providing VR all over the world and can help you get ready fast!

We will help you with everything from setup and marketing ideas to training your staff so you get the most of your new attraction.

Custom VR

Nothing helps you stand out more than a customized experience. These customizations can be as small as your brand to full custom horror experiences.

We are partnered with top VR game developers around the world and are ready to help you with any of your custom hardware and software needs.


Take your experience up a notch with 4D effects like air jets, temperature change, and floor shifts.

The more you trick the senses, the more intense the experience. By adding air movement and temperature or motion, the immersion goes up substantially and so does the terror.

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